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Masturbation is Harmful or Not

When a man is very keen on fulfilling his sexual desire or desire for sex, but does not have any means (wife / woman) available to calm his libido (excitement), then he To calm the lust, ejaculate semen by rubbing the penis with his hands, friction, which calms his excitement. This whole process is called masturbation.

Definition of masturbation in one sentence

Eradicating semen by caressing the penis by the hand of a man is called unnatural copulation i.e. masturbation.

How is masturbation addictive?

As such, masturbation is done directly only when the person’s sex is awake. But depending on why the excitement is coming or is the result of erotic thinking of coercion.
Overall, the first cause of masturbation addiction is excessive sexual arousal.

  1. Watching excessive pornographic films.
  2. By reading excessive pornography.
  3. By imagining a beautiful woman in solitude.
  4. Seeing someone having sex.
  5. Due to bad company.
  6. Excessive intoxication.
  7. Stay away from the woman or wife for a long time.
  8. Due to prolonged intercourse.
  9. Due to over prostitution.
  10. Due to more contact between women and women.
  11. By consuming tamasic diet.
  12. Stimulation in the brain due to excitement caused by seeing a woman in clothes, etc.

What are the disadvantages of masturbation?

  1. Excessive masturbation causes excessive self-confidence, lack of confidence in a person.
  2. Physically a person is weak and mentally distorted.
  3. Addiction of masturbation increases the chances of premature ejaculation, nightmares.
  4. The mind remains restless due to self-aggrandizement in the mind at all times.
  5. There is no mind in any work.
  6. Leave the work in hand incomplete.
  7. Pain in waist and calf.
  8. Gradually, there is anorexia in sex.
  9. Mating power decreases.
  10. Dilute semen and lack of sperm.
  11. Gender disorders such as weakness of nerves, weakness of muscles, curvature etc.

How to get rid of masturbation habit?

  1. To get rid of any bad habit first of all it is very important to be determined in oneself.
  2. After giving determination, you should first stay away from pornographic films and pornographic books.
  3. Listen, watch and read religious, inspirational context to keep the mind pure and calm. Do this before sleeping at night.
  4. Sleep before leaving urine.
  5. Stay away from all types of intoxication.
  6. Do not stay in solitude more. An empty house and an empty mind are enough to invite the devil to work.
  7. Do not think of woman and girl all the time.
  8. Do not live in an obscene environment nor in a place where indecent discussion or conversation is going on.
  9. Make a time table of your whole day, so that you remain busy throughout the day and you do not get the opportunity to think about masturbation.
  10. Do yoga and exercise, it generates positive energy and you avoid masturbating.
  11. Do not sleep on your stomach.
  12. Do not touch or caress the penis unnecessarily.

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